• Group Feeds

    Group Feeds are the newest edition to The College App! Group Feeds are a great way to stay connected to the groups that matter.

  • Campus Feed

    One feed for your entire campus to post to. Post as yourself... or post anonymously.

  • Student Directory

    Find any student who goes to your school. Students can link their Instagram and Snapchat accounts for other students to easily find them.

  • Events

    Find and Promote events happening at your school!

  • Slide into the DM's

    The easiest way to meet new people on campus is to slide into someones DM's. Find students in the Student Directory and slide right in.

  • Campus Story

    A Snapchat inspired "Story" that students can submit pictures and videos too.

  • Student Discounts

    *Coming Soon* Students will receive discounts, Daily Deals, and free giveaways to all local businesses exclusively through the app!

  • College Cash

    A new way students can win money simply by watching video advertisements.

The Social Hub For Your School

The College App is an exciting new social platform exclusively for your school. Students who are currently attending your school have access to the app.